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Judge Trudy M. White - A Servant Leader

I will never forget Thanksgiving 1996 following my termination from my State job. Although dazed and devastated, I recognized that I had a lot for which to be thankful.

I knew that my faith would get me through the tough times. I knew that I would somehow find the energy to fight the wrongful discharge. I knew that it would be a challenge to provide for my daughter and myself while receiving unemployment benefits. And I even knew that this traumatic event would change the course of my life’s work. I just did not know how.

As I look back in time, this “test of my faith” provided me with the opportunity to refocus my life’s work in a positive way. Working as a community organizer in the Zion City community and running a legal clinic provided the venue for me to serve people who had limited resources. The people who I served were like family to me. They were the first to encourage me to run for Judge.

When I walk into the courtroom each day, I know that it is a privilege to serve you. While I know that the awesome responsibilities of a Judge far outweigh the privileges of the office, I have willingly accepted the responsibilities of the office.

Serving the public is a place of honor that I humbly accept. I am thankful to be a servant leader. It is what I do best!